History of the PYP

In 2004 a group of young people and volunteers from the community, the church, Community Learning and Development and the Community Police formed a development team. As funding had already been secured from Leader Plus, The Church of Scotland  Development Fund and Cranstoun Church the team were able to plan and take forward the young peoples' needs and ideas very quickly.


The day room at the front of Pathhead Community Hall was cleared and an appeal went out to the community for donations of furniture, computers, games and sports equipment.The response was amazing from the community and the youth project soon became a reality. At first the youth project was run with a group of committed  volunteers but funding had been secured for a youth worker so an advert was placed in the local paper without success.

Then Peter Adebayo arrived from Nigeria in August  2005 to be the youth worker. Peter was  a Care Force worker who came to Pathhead to gain lots of experience and knowledge in working with  young people. He became a familiar face around the community and quickly built strong working relationships with the young people and volunteers involved in the project.


Paul Thewlis from  Community Learning and Development and Susan Pearson from the  Community Police, who were a vital support to the  development team, were given the honour of officially opening Pathhead Youth Project    in January 2006.


Peter Adebayo returned to Nigeria in August 2006 and Jackie McNairn was    employed as the youth worker. Since then with  continuous support from the management committee and her group of  volunteers Jackie has created a safe, secure and welcoming place for the Pathhead Youth Project.


In August 2007 the National Lottery awarded  Pathhead Youth Project £66,000 which secures it’s future  until 2011. Pathhead Youth Project reputation continues to grow in the community with the young people  organising and running  community events for all living in and around  Pathhead. We continue to actively look for aditional funding to secure the PYP future for the next few years.


Jackie McNairn won the local hero award run by the midlothian advertiser  - see here for details



Paul Thewlis and Susan Pearson officially opening Pathhead Youth Project in January 2006

Jackie McNairn, our youth worker, with some of the pensioners at our Burns Supper

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